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Symptoms related to teething include changes in sleep and eating patterns, rashes on cheeks, drooling, fussiness, runny nose, and diarrhoea.

Some useful tips to help your young child during the teething process include:

  • Chilled teething rings can be helpful – just be sure to keep them clean and don’t freeze them, just chill them in the fridge.
  • Gently massaging your child’s gums with clean fingers or a clean, soft damp cloth. Unsweetened teething rusks or sugar-free teething biscuits can also be helpful for infants over 6-months who have started eating solids.
  • The skin around the mouth, particularly the chin area can become irritated, so it’s important to gently clear the drool with a soft cloth throughout the day.
  • Finally infant paracetamol can be used at the correct dose, if your little one really can’t settle with the teething discomfort.


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