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Our mission

  • Educate children about oral hygiene

  • Improve primary school children’s access to dental care

  • Encourage lifelong oral health

Teeth Team characters

Who we are and what we do

Teeth Team is a nationally recognised child dental health improvement charity that includes school-based supervised tooth brushing, fluoride varnish application, clinical dental assessments and signposting for primary and secondary dental care access.

Teeth Team was started in 2010 due to concerns about the extremely high incidence of dental decay in children in Hull and surrounding areas. As the country’s child tooth decay rates continue to grow, we feel our charity’s work has never been more important and necessary. Through a collaborative working partnership between local dental practices, schools and parents, Teeth Team actively works to improve the dental health of children across the country.

As a charity, Teeth Team relies heavily on grants and donations from charitable trusts and foundations in order to continue rolling out the programme. We also welcome direct donations from the general public via our safe and secure JustGiving page.

Supervised brushing made easy

In general, the following steps are taken when Teeth Team visit a school.

Step 1: We give an oral health education and cross-infection control talk to school staff.

Step 2: We talk to the class to explain what we’re going to do and teach the dry brushing technique.

Step 3: Dental nurses apply fluoride varnish twice a year for children with a signed consent form.

Step 4: Dentists visit twice a year to carry out a basic examination and check the children’s teeth.

Find out more about the Programme


We have put together a wide range of resources to support schools, families and dental professionals. Plus, kids will love our very own Teeth Team Kids’ Zone!

Get involved

If you’re a teacher or parent who would like Teeth Team to pay a visit to your school, a dental professional who would like to get involved in the programme, or you would like to sponsor Teeth Team – please get in touch.

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