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Teeth Team FAQs

Families & Schools

What is Teeth Team?

It’s a supervised tooth brushing programme aimed at primary school children.

How does it work?

Children brush on a daily basis at an arranged, suitable time at school. We also provide dental assessments and fluoride varnish applications at the school every year; sometimes every six months.

How are the toothbrush racks cleaned?

The racks are cleaned daily with disinfectant wipes – in the majority of schools it is a job that the teaching assistant takes responsibility for. Once a week the racks are deep cleaned by immersing in hot soapy water.

How do the children know which is their brush?

The brushes are easily identified by a sticker system. Their brush has a sticker on it and the hole in the rack for their brush has the same sticker on it. The teaching assistant usually helps the children too.

Do the children enjoy it?

Definitely, we have lots of positive feedback from the children. The great thing is they understand why it’s necessary too, which is very rewarding.

Dental Professionals

How much time would I need to commit?

That’s up to you – we’re flexible! Contact us to find out more.

Does it cost money for a practice to join Teeth Team?

No! We just ask for a little of your time.

Do we need to provide any of the toothbrushes, toothbrush racks or fluoride varnish?

No, these are supplied by our fantastic Teeth Team supporters.

How does it work?

Children brush on a daily basis at an arranged, suitable time at school. When it’s time for a visit, Teeth Team will liaise with you to arrange a suitable time and make sure everything is set up with the school. On the day, you will work with Teeth Team members and school staff to carry out dental assessments on the children whose parents/carers have given consent. There will also be the opportunity to refer any children on for further dental treatment if required.

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