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Teachers, children and dental professionals have great things to say about our supervised brushing and oral health programme!

What the teachers
are saying…

“I love the fact that the children do get to brush their teeth while they’re at school, because I’m aware that some of them don’t at all at home.”

Jade Vincent, Francis Askew Primary School Teacher

“It has made a real difference to these children. They need to be on the same level as everybody else to have the same chances. I do think it gives them aspirations.”

Ruth Murray, Headteacher, Francis Askew Primary School

What the children
are saying…

“They checked our teeth first and then put some of this very nice banana flavoured fluoride on them to help make our teeth healthier!”

Pupil, Francis Askew Primary School

“I found out that you can actually have fun while brushing your teeth, and if you don’t brush them everyday they will start to rot and fall out!”

Pupil, Francis Askew Primary School

What dental professionals are saying…

“It’s such a quick process, we can get through a whole school in less than a day! These early stage interventions are so important because they help prevent tooth decay reaching the point where children have to undergo general anaesthetic to have teeth extracted.”

Priya Madhas, Dentist

“Child dental health in this country is an issue, especially because of the disparity in access to healthcare. Therefore the ethos of Teeth Team and trying to improve prevention and provide access to healthcare for children that really need it, really matches what we are trying to encourage within the profession.”

Catherine Rutland, Head Dental Officer at Simplyhealth Professionals