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What happens during a Teeth Team visit?

The Teeth Team programme facilitates supervised tooth brushing sessions in primary schools, ensuring all pupils receive the dental care they deserve. It’s completely free and all parents and carers will be sent a consent form to sign before the programme begins. Over the course of a year, children are taught how to clean their teeth effectively, receive a fluoride varnish treatment to prevent tooth decay and have a clinical assessment from a dentist.

Why it’s important

Keep teeth healthy at home

Our FREE resources make good oral hygiene easy and fun!

Teeth Team information pack

Caring for children’s teeth is different to caring for your own. This handy pack contains all of the information you need to keep their teeth healthy!


Printable monthly tooth brushing chart

Make sure the kids are ticking tooth brushing off their to-do list morning and night with this handy printable chart.


Printable weekly food, drink & snack diary

Recording the foods, drinks and snacks they have during the week can help children better understand the impact these decisions have on their health.


Healthy lunchbox inspiration

If you make packed lunches for your children, the NHS has got you covered with some healthy and satisfying lunchbox ideas and tips.


NHS sugar calculator

It’s so easy for sugar to add up throughout the day. Here’s a simple way to check how much there is in your kids’ favourite treats.


NHS Better Health food facts

This handy NHS web page is full of help for families to be healthier and happier.


FREE NHS Food Scanner app

With a speedy scan of your family’s favourite foods, you can find healthier swaps for next time you shop.


Learning made FUN!

Our kids zone makes oral health education fun for 4-7s and 8-11s with games, printable activities and Teeth Team TV.

Kids zone

Children’s oral health advice

What causes tooth decay and how can you prevent it?

How much sugar should children have per day?

What types of snacks are best for teeth?

What is the Sugar Smart App?

More advice for parents and carers

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