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Childhood obesity is a common issue – but a poor diet not only affects a child’s weight and size, it also impacts on their oral health.

Children generally love sweets, chocolate and many of the refined sugary goodies that aren’t healthy for them – or their teeth.  A treat occasionally is ok, but what happens when a child’s diet consists mainly of processed, refined foods instead of natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains?

Combine that lack of proper nutrition with a lack of exercise, and obesity could be on the horizon. But weight isn’t the only issue – the sugars found in sweets and chocolate attack the teeth and gums.

To avoid obesity, parents need to feed their children a nutritious diet – and this in turn will keep their children’s teeth healthier.  Combine this with dental and nutritional education and care to catch minor problems before they become larger, painful ones.  These factors, when implemented early on, will follow through to adulthood.

This website is packed full of useful information for children, parents, and teachers on how to look after young teeth. Dental care for children should never be overlooked or forgotten; it impacts on their future.

For tips on how to keep your teeth healthy, visit our resource pages.