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With the school term back underway, we at Teeth Team believe there is no better opportunity to re-look at what you are sending in your child’s lunch box every day.

If your child doesn’t have school dinners, then there is nothing more important in their school bag than a lunch box packed with tooth-friendly and energising food. Eating a healthy lunch not only gives children the energy to stay focused in class, it also helps their mouths fend off plaque and cavities.

The best choices for a healthy mouth are foods that include calcium, Vitamin C and D, protein and fruit and vegetables like celery, apples, pears and carrots. These are bacteria fighters that generate more saliva from chewing and kill the bad bacteria in the mouth.

  • Calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt, and cheese – these make your teeth and jawbone strong, whilst protecting your mouth against tooth decay.
  • Vitamin C rich foods include red peppers and oranges – these keep your gums healthy.
  • Vitamin D packed foods like hard boiled eggs and tuna fish help aid in the absorption of calcium and protein, two key ingredients needed to make strong teeth.
  • For protein, try whole wheat bread packed with protein-rich foods such as, chicken, ham or turkey to help teeth build enamel.
  • …and of course steer clear of sugary drinks and foods!


For more information and tips on making healthy choices, visit our information pages.