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Braces are commonplace with teenagers nowadays. There is no reason for any teenage child to suffer with crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth or large gaps between teeth can cause problems with bacteria. Decay can arise when food gets stuck between teeth, and mouth ulcers, decay and problems with speech can occur with teeth that stick out. All these issues can be addressed by having your teeth straightened through orthodontic treatment.

Many braces now can be clear or indeed coloured if a teenager would prefer.  There are so many options available.

Whilst wearing a brace, it is essential to keep on top of the cleanliness of your mouth to make sure you don’t have bad breath, and our team would recommend brace wearers to carry a toothbrush around with them to clean their teeth after eating.

The time and effort put in during early years reaps long-term advantages for a beautiful smile in adulthood.

Find out more about braces and orthodontics for children on the NHS website.


Teeth Team is a school-based supervised tooth-brushing programme, incorporating clinical dental assessments, applications of fluoride varnish and the subsequent signposting for accessing primary and secondary dental care. It is a collaborative working partnership between local dental practices, government, schools, and parents in an effort to improve the dental health of children predominantly across Hull, East Riding, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and Nottingham.