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Welcome to the Kids' Zone!

Meet the Teeth Team - dental superheroes to protect your teeth!

K9 - Teeth Team


By the time I grow in, you should know how to take care of me!

Baby Toof - Teeth Team

Baby Toof

I’m Baby Toof! Don’t leave me out – babies are never too young to visit the dentist.

Captain Incisor - Teeth Team

Captain Incisor

I’m Captain Incisor, brush me properly to keep me healthy and bright!

Premolar Girl - Teeth Team

Premolar Girl

I’m Premolar Girl! A fluoride varnish can help protect my chewing surfaces.

Mighty Molar - Teeth Team

Mighty Molar

I’m Mighty Molar and you’ll need to learn to floss to keep me clean!

The Teeth Team help keep your teeth clean at school

Teeth Team comes to your school to help you learn how to keep your teeth clean and bright. With the help of Captain Incisor, Mighty Molar, K9, Baby Toof and Pre-Molar Girl, we’ll help you keep your teeth healthy, while having fun at the same time!


First, Teeth Team will come into your school and give you your very own toothbrush to keep in the classroom. You’ll use this toothbrush to brush your teeth for 2 minutes every day along with all of your class.



Sometimes the Teeth Team dental nurses will come into school and put something called ‘fluoride varnish’ on your teeth. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt and it tastes nice!


Once or twice a year, a friendly Teeth Team dentist will come into school and ask to check your teeth. This is just to check that your teeth are clean and healthy!

Happy Tooth

Keep your teeth clean at home!

Tooth brushing chart

Print out this tooth brushing chart every month as a reminder to brush your teeth twice every day!


Don’t forget to brush! Door Hanger

Print this out and hang it on your door to help you remember to brush your teeth!


Teeth Team’s Top Tips

Learn how to properly brush your teeth and keep your mouth healthy!


Interactive games

Help Duggee to brush his teeth!


Shine Time - Stop that sugar!


Printable activities

Dental word relation game


Drawing and colouring activity


Teeth Team maze


Spot the difference


Word scramble


Teeth Team TV

How often should you brush your teeth?

What is a healthy snack?

How do you get tooth decay?

What are good and bad foods for teeth?

What are good and bad drinks for teeth?

How to brush your teeth

What happens when Teeth Team visit your school?

How to make a healthy breakfast

Past Teeth Team visits